Local tutoring opportunity expands

Teachers offer free assistance at library


Emmy Pearson

Math teacher Meredith Webster helps junior Denzel Thomas at the St. Louis Park Library Nov. 16. Park teachers are offering their time to tutor students 9 a.m. to noon every Saturday.

Noah Orloff

Freshman Sebastian Tangelson said if he found himself in need of educational assistance, he would go to tutoring at the St. Louis Park Public Library, courtesy of Park teachers.

“I think (tutoring offered at the library is) great because students that may be struggling with their school work can get help,” Tangelson said. “It gives a good resource for students that are struggling in school and it gives them a time and a place where they can go to get help.”

English teacher Joseph Weber said he started tutoring at the St. Louis Park Public Library because of his ability to teach various topics students may have trouble with.

“I was running solo on it until just a couple weeks ago. By happenstance, I mentioned it to a few teachers and Ms. Webster is kind of running with it and I believe last Saturday was the first time there were other teachers there besides me,” Weber said. 

According to math teacher Meredith Webster, she decided to help out with tutoring because of the demand for help in mathematics. 

“A lot of our students might not have time during the school week to come in and get extra support from their teachers or maybe their teachers aren’t available and it’s kind of just a nice extra support to ensure that students can be successful,” Webster said.  

According to Weber, tutoring is open to all students.

“The only thing I don’t like about it is that I wish that I had more students come,” Weber said. “We welcome everybody and if you’re having trouble in a class sometimes it helps to learn it from a different perspective.”

Freshman Lily Olson said the tutoring allows students to receive help without having to pay. 

“If people don’t have that access outside of school on their own time or with their own person then they can go (to the library) if they are struggling,” Olson said. 

According to Weber, teachers will be available from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays.