Intersectional Feminism Club gains multiple perspectives

Intersectional Feminism Club goes to Letters of Love meeting


Grace Schultz

Junior Elizabeth Orton and junior Kathryn Schug collaborate while making cards. Feminism Club and Letters of Love combine meetings to gain engagement.

Lilly Strathman and Grace Schultz

After joining the Letters of Love meeting on Dec. 19, Intersectional Feminism Club president Ally Feller said she wants to continue combining clubs because it provides diversity. 

“I want to combine Feminism club with other clubs in the future,” Feller said. “It’s a wonderful way to combine our goals and perspectives with others.”

Organizer of Letters of Love and senior Ellen Poulter thinks combining clubs gets more involvement and ideas. 

“We had the Intersectional Feminism Club and National Honors Society come to get a turnout with multiple people and varieties of perspectives,” Poulter said. 

Junior and Intersectional Feminism Club member Elizabeth Orton said she thinks combining Letters of Love, Intersectional Feminism Club and National Honors Society will help raise awareness surrounding local issues. 

“I love how we went to Letter of Love’s first meeting so we can combine our ideas and support each other,” Orton said. “The support will help the community become more aware and involved in these helpful clubs.”

According to Feller, Letters of Love is helpful to Intersectional Feminism Club because they have similar goals of helping people. 

“Feminism club decided to come because it matches our values,” Feller said. “We are all about spreading love and positivity and to encourage change just like Letters of Love.”

Poulter thinks having multiple clubs meet together will help emphasize their goals. 

“All of these clubs have a goal related to benefiting the community,” Poulter said. “When we work together we can all try to reach that accomplishment.”

According to Orton, the combination of clubs inspires members to work harder on achieving their goals. 

“Seeing all the members of other clubs work hard motivates us to want to raise awareness,” Orton said. 

The next Intersectional Feminism Club meeting will be 8 a.m. Jan. 2 in room A315.