Students successful in DECA event

Many advance to State


Adam Gips

Junior Emma Amon places in the top 7 of her DECA event. Amon is 1 of 12 SLP DECA competitors attending the state DECA competition March 1-3.

Colin Canaday and Harris Keekley

Competing at a DECA district competition Jan. 27, many students competed for spots at State. 15 students ended up moving on to State, according to DECA adviser Sophia Ross.

According to Ross, the students have been practicing for the district competition all year in class and outside of school.

“We’ve had multiple meetings at our schools and had multiple sign-up one on one meetings for students that chose to do that, we did some practice competitions, practice role-plays in some of the classes that we teach,” Ross said. “Because all of the kids in DECA come from those classes, we try to incorporate some of the things that we do in DECA so they can take the classroom projects and actually compete with those in DECA.”

Sophomore Raquel Schlichting said the majority of her preparation for the event did not take place in school.

“Most of my prep was outside of school. I did the sales demonstration event, so I basically had to set up products, and I just kind of practiced with my parents or friends,” Schlichting said.

Everyone involved in DECA has a passion for business and for the competition.”

— David Khabie

According to senior David Khabie, DECA specifically draws in people who are dedicated to business.

“Everyone involved in DECA has a passion for business and for the competition. You compete in certain events, I want to say there are over 40 or 50 different events,” Khabie said.

Schlichting said she performed very well and is looking forward to competing at State.

“I placed in the top 12 for my roleplay, so I went to State for that. I also got first place in my sales demo out of everyone,” Schlichting said.

Ross said Schlichting did well, and her success came from the extensive amount of time she put into preparing.

“We practiced sales and roleplaying (in) classes that have to do with marketing, and so (Schlichting) took those class projects and she competed in DECA and is actually going to State for both of those events she is in,” Ross said. “She did really good, and in addition to that she also came to our before and after school competition prep sessions.”

According to Khabie, although he did well, he believes he could have done better.

“I think I did pretty well. I think that if I put more time and effort into both of my events, I could have placed in the top three or even first place. I put time and effort in, but I feel like I could have put more (in),” Khabie said.