Staying on track for college

The start of the school year also starts the college application process

Shoshi Leviton

The college application process can appear to be daunting, but resources at Park are here to help with the process and keep students on track.

Although it is only the beginning of the school year, students should have begun the college application process and completed or finishing up standardized tests.

“Where you need to be in the process varies on what type of schools you are looking at,” IB counselor Mr. Wilkes said.

Students looking at selective schools should be done with their standardized testing, putting together their application, and getting letters of recommendations written.

Along with Wilkes, College Possible counselor, Will French said he agrees students should have begun to write their essays.

“At this point in the year, seniors should have started to write their essay,” French said.

Focusing on the essay early in the school year is important because it is the most time consuming part of the application process.

Seniors also should start asking teachers for letters of recommendations. Wilkes and French both advise that students should speak with the teacher of their choice at the beginning of the year before other students also ask for a recommendation.

Doing so increases the chance of obtaining a great letter of recommendation. The more time a teacher has to write the letter, the greater attention the teacher can give it.

Although it is helpful to have started the application process and completed standardized tests, Wilkes emphasizes that it is not too late to begin the process right now.

“Nobody is too late right now to start. Make an appointment with your counselor to talk about what you would like to do.”