IB history project replicating historical propaganda debated

Use of swastikas prompt complaints

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IB history project replicating historical propaganda debated

Ivy Kaplan

What was intended as a presentation demonstrating Nazi propaganda in the IB history class sparked discussion throughout the school.

As part of its current unit on authoritarian states, students in the class replicated Nazi-regime tactics in a presentation Oct. 28.

Group member Sophia Noreen said her group hung flags with swastikas on them and  group members wore Nazi apparel.

“The project was supposed to be on Nazi propaganda, so our group was supposed to be using Nazi ideals to indoctrinate the class,” Noreen said.

According to IB history teacher, Carley Kregness, this was her sixth year of the project after adapting it from a previous Park teacher.

She said the interactive nature provides a comprehensive understanding of propaganda.

“I think that this project helps students understand propaganda in a much more visceral and sort of gut-level sense instead of just book learning it,” Kregness said.

However, later that day two complaints were filed to the administration taking offense to the presentation, according to Principal Scott Meyers.

According to Meyers, the school strives to ensure a tolerant environment for students while also covering curriculum that may make some uncomfortable.

“We know that it’s our goal here to provide a safe and secure environment for all of the students, and we regret that the classroom lesson negatively impacted some of the students in the school,” Meyers said.

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