New IB Coordinator selected

Jenny Magdal to fill Goddard’s role

Shoshi Leviton

After former International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator Greg Goddard left for Ghana this year, a position opened for the next IB Coordinator. Jenny Magdal, IB Chemistry teacher and one of the applicants for IB Coordinator, officially became the new IB coordinator June 19.

“I was called on June 19 with the news. I was so excited and a little in shock by the great news,” Magdal said.

Senior and IB Diploma candidate Toviya Slager said he believes Magdal will succeed in this position.

“I think that her organizational skills definitely make her qualified for the job,” Slager said. “Also, since she teaches IB Chemistry, she knows almost all the IB candidates very well.”

According to Magdal, teaching IB Chemistry has helped prepare her for this new position and she has always advocated for the IB program.

“My course is the first IB course that many students take,” Magdal said. “I have always felt that it was my responsibility as the first taste of IB to incorporate the Learner Profile and be a support and advocate for IB.”

Senior Peri Stephens said she thinks having Magdal as the new coordinator will impact the productivity of the program, but her organizational skills will make up for potential setbacks.

“I think having a new coordinator will impact the efficiency of the program. There may be repetition of agendas Goddard has already completed,” Stephens said. “Overall, though, I think Magdal’s organization will benefit the system.”

Magdal will continue teaching IB Chemistry along with performing her duties as IB Coordinator. She will be working half time as a chemistry teacher and half time as coordinator.

“I will have three classes first semester and two classes second semester,” Magdal said. “This does leave one section of Honors/IB Chemistry which I will be collaborating with Ms. Tillou on.”