Girls’ C3 bathroom reopens

Park looks into district plumbing fixtures


Mara Bacig

Girls’ C3 bathroom is open but permanent sinks will not be available for another 4-6 weeks.

Shoshi Leviton

Sophomore Rafferty Kugler was disappointed when the closure of the C3 bathrooms disrupted her usual schedule.  

“I used to use the C3 bathrooms once a day,” Kugler said. “I noticed they were closed when I stopped seeing people go into them.”  

Tom Bravo, the district’s facilities manager, said plumbing difficulties caused the bathrooms to close and they are in the process of fixing the problem.

“I was told that a bad flushing device stopped working and they could not get water to the fixtures,” Bravo said. “Many hours were spent to try to fix the old plumbing fixtures.”  

According to Bravo, finding the fixtures for the plumbing delays the process of opening the bathroom.

“Since the fixtures are old and parts are hard to find, we are going to the direct manufacturer. If that is not successful, then we will install new fixtures,” Bravo said.

Kugler said she is happy the bathroom has reopened because she has to go out of her way to use other bathrooms.

“It was so inconvenient. I had to walk all the way to the B2 hallway to use the bathroom, which is farther away from my class,” Kugler said.  

Because of the delays for the plumbing fixtures, a substitute sink is now in the bathroom for students to use until the old sink is fixed.

“The lead time for the correct sink and plumbing parts is four to six weeks out,” Bravo said. “So, I had the contractor install a temporary sink and plumbing parts.