Career fair provides opportunities

Specialists speak to students about future


Anna Albrecht

Kara Mueller works on career fair materials. The Career EXPO will take place April 26 during advisory.

Lukas Levin

When junior Ian Juaire heard about the career fair, he felt genuinely intrigued to learn about job opportunities in the future.

Juaire said he looks forward to learning about potential jobs.

“It will give (students) a good insight on what their future plans may be after high school.  It’s just a good reference point to use to see what you are interested in,” Juaire said.

According to career fair coordinator Kara Mueller, the career fair will help students explore new passions and opportunities.

“The career fair is an experiential, interactive event for our students in grades nine through 11,” Mueller said. “The purpose of the career fair is to explore and have opportunities to find careers you may or may not be interested in for the future.”

Mueller said employees from a wide range of fields will attend the fair to talk to students about their interests and how they can be incorporated into a career.

“There are no jobs, this is just information for you to learn about careers. It’s not going as a ‘job fair’ it is going as a ‘career fair’ or ‘information fair,’” Mueller said.

Mueller said the fair, occurring during advisory class, will display a variety of career paths to uncertain students.

 “Our underclassmen often have no idea (what career they want); they have their genuine interests,” Mueller said. “First thing you want to do is go with your gut.”

Freshman Rachel Mattson said she thinks the career fair will expose fellow students to new ideas and jobs they didn’t know about.  

“It opens up more options than what people normally think (are available). People might think ‘I didn’t even know that was a job,’” Mattson said. “When I was younger I was always into (psychology); I just didn’t know it was something I could be.”

Mueller said 65 career specialists come to the fair, ranging from IT members at Disney to pharmaceutical agents and nurses, providing students with a variety of sources of information.

Mueller said student’s career interests may change once they meet with a job specialist.

“Sometimes (students) really think they want to be a nurse and they sit down and actually talk to a nurse … and then they say ‘Hmm? Maybe that isn’t for me,’” Mueller said.

Mueller said she enjoys helping students plan for their future.

“I love helping students find their way. My whole goal here for St. Louis Park students is to be planned for a successful career outside of high school,” Mueller said. “Just really enjoy (the career fair). Take your time to get out of it, all the work we put into it.”

The career fair will take place during advisory class April 27 in the Fieldhouse.untitled-infographic-2