Seniors prepare to move on, leave community

Distinguished alumna to address grads

Sam Orloff and Sydney Hall

Senior Totoram Brijmohan won’t only receive his diploma June 8 at Graduation, he’ll also introduce Elise Hernandez, Park alumna and CEO of Ideal System Solutions, Inc., to speak to the class of 2016.

“When I found out I was going to introduce Ms. Hernandez, I felt really excited,” Brijmohan said. “I admire the way she, as a Park graduate, was able to start her own company.”Untitled-3

As an avid member of Park Tech who also takes the A+ Computer Technician elective, Brijmohan said Hernandez inspires him.

“After high school, I plan on going into IT or computer science,” Brijmohan said. “I would very much like to be like her one day, maybe even work for her.”

Hernandez said in an email interview she felt excited to address the graduates.

“When I received notice that I had been selected to receive this award, I was quite surprised, but also extremely honored. Looking back 31 years, which is when I was graduated from St. Louis Park High School, I would not have imagined that I would someday be selected for such an award,” Hernandez said.

Eileen Lee, administrative assistant to the assistant principal, said the ceremony will commence at the high school stadium, weather permitting. According to Lee, in the event of bad weather, graduation will be  in the old gym.

Senior counselor Heidi Cosgrove said weather at Graduation can vary significantly each year.

“I have had graduations where it has been unbearably hot and others where I’ve had my winter coat on,” Cosgrove said. “I just want it to be perfect weather even if that means I’m doing my sunshine dance.”

According to Cosgrove, seating is unlimited if Graduation is outside. Meyers said if graduation is indoors, there will be limited seating in the old gym and Auditorium.

Meyers said that regardless of venue, Graduation will include accessible entrances and seating.
Meyers said students should not wear shoes that could damage the turf, such as heels.

“If there’s a separate piece where it could go down into the artificial turf, we ask our graduates not to (wear those shoes),” Meyers said. “I kind of hope (family members) are in flip-flops, and it’s sunny and they can relax and just take it in while the graduates are all dressed up.”

Graduation is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. June 8.