Vikings victory sparks anticipation, excitement

Diggs electric walk-off score leads to NFC Championship


Caroline Green

Array of Vikings apparel displayed at Target. The Vikings play the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday Jan. 21.

Annabella Strathman and Dani Orloff

Viking’s US Bank stadium rang loudly with excitement when wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ ran for a 61-yard touchdown in the final seconds of the game, according to math teacher Robert Otto, who attended Sunday’s game.

“There was two levels of loud that happened when Stefon Diggs caught the ball and then when he was running toward the end zone,” Otto said. “Everyone was ecstatic. My ears rang until last night.”

Otto said the excitement of the game continued into the classroom on Tuesday.

“In two of my advanced algebra classes I didn’t really plan anything today, because I just kind of wanted to talk about the game,” Otto said.

Senior Jonny Sorenson said his passion for the team stems from his family.

“I’m excited about it because I’ve lived here my whole life and my grandpa works for the Vikings,” Sorenson said.

Senior Megan Perkins said her first reaction to the win on Sunday was disbelief.

“I had to watch the replay to make sure nothing happened or there wasn’t a flag,” Perkins said. “I was really excited because we deserve to make it, to keep going.”

Sorenson said he plans to watch the next game amongst other fans, as it creates a rally-like atmosphere.

“We want to watch it on the big screen out of our house,” Sorenson said. “I am either thinking about hosting something or going to a restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings because I know those will be fun to go to.”

Perkins said Sunday’s win prompted further thrill for the coming playoff game.

“I always look forward to watching football every Sunday, but this win just makes it even better because of how close it was and how we made it so far,” Perkins said.