Multicultural show displays diverse community

Performance to celebrate various cultures


Echo archive photo from the last years; Multicultural show.

Sophie Yarosh

Junior Soubane Abdi said after dancing in the multicultural show last year, her passion for dance has driven her to audition for this year’s show.

“(Participating) probably shows more color to our school, more diversity where everyone comes together embraces their culture, embraces their heritage,” Abdi said.

According to adviser Lindsey Meyer, students organize the multicultural show while she volunteers to oversee the performance.

“Last year I had students come and talk to me sometimes about how there used to be a cultural day and now there wasn’t, and they felt like it was a big missing piece in the school,” Meyer said. “They wanted something that would be really positive and celebrate all the diversity at (Park).”

Meyer said she hopes various cultures are well-represented throughout the performance.

“We want to show every possible cultural group that’s willing to participate and there’s a lot of definitions of culture,” Meyer said. “So I’m hoping that lots of students think very widely about the definition of culture and are able to represent some part of themselves.”

Meyer said she thinks the multicultural show is important due to it’s display of  various cultures at Park.

“I just think it’s positive to show the incredible diversity at (Park) and the power of it, the talent of it, the beauty of it,” Meyer said.

Abdi said the Multicultural show allows students to learn about other cultures while appreciating their own.

“I feel like with this, it gives people a chance to embrace how their culture works and also for other people who are not part of the culture to learn more about it,” Abdi said.

Auditions for the multicultural show take place before and after school April 12 in B322. The multicultural performance will take place hours 4 and 6 May 1 in the Auditorium.