Snowstorm delays after school transportation

Students wait additional 15 minutes for buses


Ben Sanford

Students line up for the buses after their arrival 10 minutes late Feb. 5. According to an announcement over the loudspeaker at the high school, the snow conditions impacted transportation routes and caused some after school activities to be canceled.

Talia Lissauer and Dani Orloff

According to an announcement made over the high school loudspeaker, after school buses were delayed 10 to 15 minutes Feb. 5 due to winter weather.

Sophomore Ellen Payne said weather conditions and transportation impact her time management.

“The weather is really bad, (but) when the buses are late, I don’t have much time to get stuff done when I get home late,” Pain said.

St. Louis Park has experienced heavy snowfall that will likely continue until Feb. 7, according to the National Weather Service.

Freshman Hailey Rue said while the weather caused some frustration, late buses are not a rare occurrence for her.

“I have to stand out here in the cold for an extra 20 minutes. Yes, the roads are (in poor condition) but this guy is always late,” Rue said.

According to the announcement, after school activities, like Drivers’ Education and College Possible, were not meeting. In addition, the group project scheduled for National Honors Society was canceled.