Multicultural show energizes audience

Performers reflect on outcome

Dani Orloff, Noah Orloff, and Abby Intveld

As junior Zahra Mohamud reflects on this year’s multicultural show’s performance, she said she was proud of the initiative students took to create the performance this year.  

“I was a part of the show freshman year but the thing was it was never student-led. It was always a teacher who took the responsibility. When we noticed that no teachers really wanted to do it and we thought we might not have one this year, we just took things into our own hands,” Mohamud said. “We’ve been planning this for months since like January and it took us forever.”

Grade Level Coordinator and show adviser Donielle Singer said he took pride in the student performances, which he said he believed were off the hook.

“I knew it was great to begin with because I’ve seen them practice over the weeks. I knew what acts were coming up and how good they were at performing their specific act but we never really put it all together until the day of which was kind of worrisome but it all worked in our favor,” Singer said. “I know the administration and the principals here were upset that it had to turn out like this.”

Mohamud said while the show did not go as planned, she felt it was successful.  

“Students still had fun during school. I know everyone left having a great time. I enjoyed seeing everyone get together, working together, having fun, just being themselves on stage. It was really nice,” Mohamud said.

Sophomore Zaid Yusuf, who participated in the fashion show, said he enjoyed the energy of the audience.

I think it went really well, and I’m proud of everyone. It was packed, especially sixth hour. I liked it a lot,” Yusuf said. “I was sad because the afternoon one was going to be more fun.”

Sophomore Marcos Alvarez said the performance was an inspiring experience.

“Neb was cool. It was loud, but it was still really cool to experience the different cultures’ dances and clothing,” Alvarez said.

Singer said the highlight of the show for him was the culmination of the event, as the participants in the fashion show gathered on stage for the last act.

“It was fitting to see everyone on stage at once just having a good time,” Singer said. “Plenty of people told me that they did a great job, that it went well. Overall the sentiment that I received that from those who came up to me was that the show was very well put together. I think everybody who was in the audience and everyone who participated was absolutely happy with the end result.”