Trump hopes to turn Minnesota red

Over 25,000 Minnesotans attend rally


Carissa Prestholdt

Two Trump supporters get interviewed prior to entering Trumps campaign in Minneapolis starting at 7 p.m Oct. 10.

Talia Lissauer

Speaking to over 25,000 Minnesotans at a rally on Oct. 10 at Target Center in Minneapolis, President Donald Trump began his speech by telling the crowd that in 2020 he will turn Minnesota red.

“For the next 13 months we are going to fight with all of our heart and soul and we are going to win the great state of Minnesota,” Trump said. “We have 20,000 plus people inside, we just set a new record. We have 25,000 people that we still love outside.”

According to sophomore Ben Olson, he had a great experience at the rally despite getting there four hours before it began.

“I got there really early so it was kinda boring at first when I was waiting in line for a while, but once I got in it was actually really fun. Everyone was super nice, everyone was just excited,” Olson said. “The atmosphere was great and the people were great too.”

Everyone was super nice, everyone was just excited. The atmosphere was great and the people were great too.”

— Ben Olson

According to sophomore Sophie Chenvert, people need to focus more on his policies than his personality. Chenvert said if she could vote in the upcoming election, she would vote for Trump. 

“I would vote for Trump. I think he can be rude about some things, but I agree with some of his political views, but others I completely disagree with,” Chenvert said. “They need to focus less on (his personality) and (more) on politics.”

In an Instagram post on Sept. 27, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in most cases Minneapolis would welcome the president of the United States but Trump is not welcomed in Minneapolis.

“On October 10, our entire city will stand not behind the president but behind the communities and people who continue to make our city – and this country great,” Frey said.

According to Olson, he wanted to hear Trump speak directly instead of through the media.

“The reason I went (was) I wanted to (hear) what he had to say because he always talks about media and how its fake and twists his words so I wanted to hear it straight from him,” Olson said.

Vice President Mike Pence said in the last three years, the Trump Administration has accomplished a lot, and this is only the beginning. 

“What began four years ago has grown into a movement, a movement of everyday Americans from every walk of life,” Pence said. “Three years of action, three years of results, three years of promises made and promises kept, but we are just getting started.”

According to Olson, he was surprised by the lack of diversity in age and race.

“There wasn’t a ton of young people there, it was mostly old people. I would say it was split down the middle of men and women but race wise it was very white.”