Locker rooms now open for athletes before school

Students able to store equipment in lockers during school


Megan Hoenie

Students enter the locker room to drop off sports equipment Sept. 20. Students are now able to enter the locker room 10 minutes before school starts.

Harris Keekley

According to sophomore volleyball player Olivia Kelly, allowing students to use the locker room before school will help practices begin on time.

“We’re more efficient and able to get on the court earlier since we don’t have to lug our stuff.  It’s more organized for us,” Kelly said.

Sophomore Georgia Charpentier said the closed locker rooms presented many issues to those who participate in sports.

“(We had to) put our stuff in our regular lockers,” Charpentier said. “I had stuff that couldn’t fit in my regular locker so I had to put my stuff in the athletic office.”

Athletic director Andrew Ewald said the change in locker room policy was made with students’ opinions in mind.

  “It has to do with hearing student voices,” Ewald said. “(Students) sat down and came up with what we believe is the solution.”

According to Ewald, the locker rooms are still undergoing additions.

“(The locker rooms) are still not a hundred percent complete. In terms of aesthetics, there are some wall graphics that are supposed to be going up,” Ewald said.

Kelly said she believes the new locker rooms are an upgrade compared to the old ones.

“I think they’re smaller but they’re better,” Kelly said. “It’s quality over quantity.”