Rumors of gun threat to St. Louis Park prove false

Students, staff safe

Marta Hill

According to Principal Scott Meyers, in a special edition of 6425 News, there were rumors of a threat to “SLP” Oct. 24.

“This morning, a few students reported that a gun threat in ‘SLP’ was being discussed on social media,” Meyers said. “We immediately alerted St. Louis Park Police and with their cooperation and our own investigation, we quickly determined that the threat was made at Spring Lake Park High School, also often referred to as SLP.”

Meyers also said students and staff at Spring Lake Park High School are safe, as no credible threat was determined. 

According to Meyers, he is grateful that students notified the school of a possible gun threat.

“Please know that I appreciate our students and parents sharing their concerns and forwarding information to help keep our school safe,” Meyers said.