Locker-clean out scheduled for May 11–14

Advisory classes coordinated to pick up personal, academic belongings


Isabel Kjaer

Students will have an opportunity to clean out their lockers and retrieve any other items left at Park May 11–14, according to 6425 News. No more than 50 students will be allowed in the building at one time, and the time slots are based on advisory class.

Marta Hill and Talia Lissauer

With the abrupt end to in-person school March 16, many students left personal and academic items at Park. Students will be allowed back into the building in early May based on their advisory teacher to pick up or return any items, according to 6425 News May 1. 

“To observe social distancing standards and hygiene guidelines, each advisory will be assigned a time to come to the building and no more than 50 students will be allowed in the building at a time,” according to 6425 News. 

Park administration asks that students wear masks, cover coughs, wash hands often and refrain from coming if ill. If the assigned date is not possible, email Kiki Christensen at [email protected]. The make-up date for entering the school is May 15. Items not picked up by May 18 will be donated or disposed of, according to 6425 News. 

Echo will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.