Park announces grading change

Students to receive credit or no grade for second semester


Maggie Klaers

Park administration announced grading would be changed to a credit/no credit system in 6425 News May 1. According to the update, neither of these grades will factor into students’ grade point averages.

Marta Hill

Following the closure of schools for the rest of the school year, Park announced in 6425 News that the grading system will change for the remainder of the school year. Park will issue credit or no grade for second semester, according to 6425 News. 

“Circumstances under which we are teaching and learning has created many barriers and disruptions for our students and teaching staff. Students continue to struggle to connect with digital content due to internet access and devices,” according to 6425 News. “Learning from home, even when connected, has caused challenges and stressful situations for both students and their families.”  

According to 6425 News, neither a credit nor no grade score will affect a student’s grade point averages, and while percentage scores will be recorded, they will not be reflected on transcripts. 

“The modified grading structure provides the most equitable way to assess students at this time,” according to 6425 News. “While researching the impact on post secondary plans, many institutions are also adjusting their student grading systems. We believe there will be minimal impact on students’ future plans.”

Echo will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.