COVID-19 vaccine now available to all 16 and up

New expansion began March 30


Jacob Perszyk

Students walk in the hallway to class April 9. Many students are now eligible to get the vaccine after Gov. Walz expanded vaccine eligibility to all 16-year-olds March 30.

Aisha Hersi

After Gov. Tim Walz announced that COVID-19 vaccinations will be available to all Minnesotans 16 and older starting March 30, senior Liz Madigan said she is concerned for those without easy access to get the vaccine. 

“I know transportation and internet barriers can really prevent people from getting the care that they need, so it’s important that we are able to focus on that in the next couple of months,” Madigan said. 

I also really think it’s important the school and other venues around the state help students who are more underprivileged get access to the vaccine

— Liz Madigan

With the extended eligibility, an additional 1.2 million Minnesotans will be able to be vaccinated, according to the Star Tribune. As unlimited capacity is set to start April 12, sophomore Ashaar Ali believes this new eligibility could relieve students’ families of their angst over coming back. 

“Many families felt like it was unsafe to come to school and getting the vaccine could finally give them at least some peace of mind,” Ali said. 

With Minnesota now a part of a dozen states that have opened eligibility to 16 and over, approximately 1.9 million Minnesotans have received the first dose of the vaccination as of April 8.

Madigan said she is wary about returning to unlimited learning, even with the new eligibility, because of Spring Break travel. 

“I know so many people were going on vacation and seeing people which I know after this crazy year we all want to, but I just really hope nobody is coming back into the building with the virus,” Madigan said. 

Ali said the eligibility could alleviate anxiety some might have with the start of unlimited learning.

“If more people get the vaccine, more people will feel like it’s safer to come back to school,” Ali said. 

Madigan understands the cruciality of receiving the vaccine if eligible, but also the very small time frame. 

“It’s great if students would be vaccinated before next week, but obviously it’s not really realistic since that is so soon,” Madigan said. “But the more that can be (vaccinated), the better.”