Echowan distribution day set in place

Yearbooks to be distributed June 1, June 2


Ava Ashby

Junior Mason Boesche and sophomore Anna Becker look through photos May 11. Echowan is distributing yearbooks June 1 and 2.

Katie Nelson

As the school year comes to a close, the tradition of distributing yearbooks is just around the corner. According to Sophomore Kamryn Halley, making a yearbook during the ongoing pandemic created many challenges for Echowan staff. 

“As a writer, it was much harder to get interviews when we were fully online — it was difficult to be able to get good quotes, responses and information,” Halley said. 

According to Echowan advisor Juilanne Kaster, this year’s distribution will be held June 1 in the courtyard outside the cafeteria and June 2 in the auditorium, from 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. both days. 

We will have plenty of extras, we would love to get as many books in as many hands as we can

— Julianne Kaster

Despite the unique situation this year, for freshman Jersey Miller, having a yearbook is even more special than before. 

“This year has been so different from the others, to have a yearbook that includes all the difficulties of the past year will feel like a time capsule,” Miller said. 

Echowan will still be selling yearbooks to students who have not yet purchased them. They will be on sale for $75, in cash only, during regular distribution times. Kaster said she hopes all students purchase a book. 

“We will have plenty of extras, we would love to get as many books in as many hands as we can,” Kaster said.

Crafting the sports section of the yearbook was one of the most exciting parts for Halley. 

“There are fun feature questions we ask all the teams that help you get to know them better,“ Halley said. “It was interesting to hear how different teams dealt with COVID-19 regulations.”   

Miller hopes everyone will buy a yearbook to remember this eventful year. 

“This was just a really big year with a global pandemic, so I’m really looking forward to being able to see what they have included,” Miller said.