Q&A with school nurse

Susanne Otos encourages mask wearing at school


Jordyn Deschamps

Used with permission from Susanne Otos

Jordyn Deschamps

What are ways you think we could keep the masks effective in school?

We definitely should keep on wearing them and making sure that we are wearing them properly, like with it over our nose and mouth, and that it’s not too loose around the sides. Just to constantly remind each other to wear your masks. 


What are things you do to remind yourself to wear your masks all day long?

I don’t really have to remind myself anymore because we have been wearing them for a long time now, but whenever I hear someone cough I just do a double check to see if my mask is on properly. I think in the back of my head about safety, because that is the number one priority. 


What type of masks do you recommend people to wear?

Definitely tight-fitted masks, the N95, KN95 or even disposable masks doubled up with cloth masks work just as fine. Those are the ones that I would recommend people to be wearing. 


Hold do you think we can hold others accountable with masking in school?

Just reminding people and being that constant reminder to wear the masks. We should work together to all be an example for each other, just like a visual example of what we are all trying to reduce the spread of. 


Do you think masks are helping with the attempt to stop the rising cases?

If you look at the statistics of masks wearing, it shows at times when there was a mask mandate, cases were at a low. When we weren’t wearing the mask often, the COVID cases were higher, so I think mask wearing is helping a lot.