New security at Park

Student reactions to new restrictions


Nina Miller

Student signs in at the front office before entering the school. The sign-in sheet was added to combat student fears.

Nina Miller

After hearing about the Uvalde Elementary school shooting, concerns about security at Park arose. The high school decided that new security measures were called for to make everyone feel safer even though the year is coming to an end. 

The new rule is students and staff have to sign in at the main office before entering the school. The purpose for this is to make sure administration knows who is coming into the school and ease the anxiety of students who are concerned, according to office staffer Sammy Knott.  

“It’s a good way to filter who is coming into the school since it’s not just for students, but for everyone,” Knott said.  

According to sophomore Isabelle Peterson likes having this precaution put in place but thinks it could be taken a step further. As many students don’t feel as safe in school due to the shootings and lack of security.

“We should take more security measures than just the sign-in sheet but it’s comforting to have,” Peterson said.  

The school hasn’t taken this precaution any further than the sign-in sheet. Many students and staff say they are worried about how effective this will be, but glad that this precaution is put in place. For sophomore Carys Searle, she hopes this will ease students’ anxieties. 

“It’s good for tracking but students will forget to do it and it’s not always enforced,” Searle said.

According to Peterson, she is glad the school has acknowledged the problem. 

“It’s good to keep track of who comes into the school,” Peterson said.