High hopes for youth participation in upcoming election

Park’s voter registration drive encourages eligible voters


Halima Bigrindayvi

Seniors Sebastian Tangelson and Isaac Israel talk with guest speakers Larry Kraft and Peggy Flanagan Sept. 20. The voter registration assembly encouraged students to become civically engaged.

Maya Nieves

In anticipation for the upcoming election, many have hopes of more youth casting their vote. With election day coming up in November, Park students recently held a voter registration drive Sept. 20th  to remind students of the importance that voting has, and ways students can get involved. 

Senior Isaac Israel, a co-leader of Park’s recent voter registration drive, said events like these are a good way to get students engaged and registered in the voting process.

“Actions like this (kickoff) to get kids registered are a smart way to get people involved,” Israel said. “Everybody understands that this kinda thing can be fun and important.”

Cassondra Knudson, Deputy Communications Director and Press Secretary of the Minnesota Secretary of State, said that there are various ways for youth who are not eligible to vote to still get involved.

“When you are 16, you can help at the local election office in your area—you can volunteer there on or before Election Night as a supporting election judge,” Knudson said.

Co-leader of Park’s voter registration drive Sebastion Tangelsgon speaks to how events like these impact student engagement in elections. 

“Encouragement from admin to hold events like this and just a general environment that encourages student activism with student engagement really helps us,” said Tangelson. “ Park has done a very good job with that.”

Knudson also mentioned ways to vote even if you are unable to be at the polls on Election Day. 

“If you are registered to vote in Minnesota, you can request your absentee ballot to be mailed to your home and send that back in before — as long as it arrives before election day it will be counted,” Knudson said.

Tangelston said that the voter registration drive is going to be an ongoing process. 

“Over the upcoming weeks be on the lookout for more info from us” said Tangelston.  “So, if your eligible to vote, have that be top of mind and just be ready for more to come” 

Park’s voter registration drive has an Instagram page, @slpvoterregdrive, where more information will be posted up until the election.

Election Day will take place Nov. 8.