Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News brings hope to moderate conservatives

Leaving Fox News raises Kelly’s standards and integrity

Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News brings hope to moderate conservatives

Adah Koivula

On Jan. 3, anchor of Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Megyn Kelly made a statement explaining her departure from Fox News to work with NBC, and everywhere moderate Republicans and other right-leaning individuals celebrated.

By distancing herself from the faux-journalism Fox News often promotes, Kelly will be able to reach a wider variety of people. Many refuse to watch cable news such as Fox News or CNN, because of their right and left slants respectively.

Being included in an evening lineup with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, men who claim to be journalists, gives one a bad reputation. They do not spread news or work in the truth-telling business. They work in the world of Trump’s media, bowing down to him and refusing to criticize him along with most Fox executives.

Throughout the election season, Kelly refused to endorse anyone and continued to question and criticize the presidential candidates to help provide the people with the truth on who was running for President.

Kelly never backed down in the election season, even as the Republican frontrunner repeatedly attacked and blacklisted her. Throughout the year, she continued to be one of the top watched cable news broadcast shows, second only to Bill O’Reilly. Kelly continued to remain mostly unbiased, albeit she was not a huge Trump fan. His incredibly degrading and sexist remarks after she asked him a fair question and his subsequent targeting of her at every turn did frustrate her but Kelly did the best she could to fairly question him and critique him.

By leaving Fox News, Kelly will be able to maintain her journalistic integrity while continuing to report fair, unbiased news and politics. At NBC, Kelly will be able to show the world not all conservatives are as whacked out as many believe. She will be able to continue to show others the more moderate side to Republican beliefs at NBC, where oftentimes conservative views can be lacking.

Cable news stations should be trying as hard as NBC to diversify their anchors and subsequently their content and viewers as well as working as actual journalists to give people the news. The press is here to spread truth and information to the people, not promote their own agenda.

Kelly most likely took a paycut, as sources say Fox News offered her $20 million to stay, but as she said in her statement during the end of her show Jan. 3 she wants to spend more time with her family.

Her move to NBC will be incredible for her career, as well as conservatism as a whole. She will be able to show a more moderate side of conservatives to the rest of the world and continue to break the party boundaries. Being able to continue her career and maintain a good reputation in the media for being unbiased will raise Kelly’s own standards as well as standards for the rest of the media.