‘I Feel Pretty’ trailer leaves some angry

Hollywood should promote healthy self-image practices instead of perfection

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‘I Feel Pretty’ trailer leaves some angry

Maddie Lund

The recent trailer for the upcoming movie “I Feel Pretty,” starring actress Amy Schumer, previews a movie that addresses body positivity in an insensitive way.

According to IMDb, the female protagonist,  played by Schumer, in “I Feel Pretty,” deals with insecurities about her appearance.

Schumer hits her head and wakes up feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world. She goes through each day feeling more confident with her body and herself.  

While the trailer only offers a small look into the movie, so far, it hasn’t done a good job of making moviegoers excited to see the film.

Many people have made comments on Youtube and Twitter voicing their opposition to the trailer.

While the movie can be seen as inspiring, the way Schumer presents her character in the film is less than stellar.

When thinking about Western beauty standards, Schumer fits the Hollywood look perfectly. She is blonde, athletic, good-looking, well-dressed and yet, in the movie, she considers herself ugly.

Many women fall under this standard and even look up to it at times, and by dismissing it, the movie becomes ignorant and offensive.

“I Feel Pretty” implies that if you look like Schumer, you will be labeled as ugly and overweight. There is no perfect definition for being beautiful and feeling good about yourself.

In addition the movie implies that someone needs to undergo a serious head injury and obtain brain damage in order to feel good and comfortable in their own body.

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