Greta Thunberg given extraordinary title

Movement impacts millions worldwide


Isra Mohamed

According to The Washington Post,Greta Thunberg was named Times 2019 Person of the Year, which is amazing in the sense that she made history as the youngest person to be named for the title.

It is empowering that a 16 year old can have such a huge impact on the world. Thunberg is fighting for climate change, which is an issue that needs to be heard and addressed all around the world, because of how it is affecting people, animals and the environment, as it is significantly harming them.

Time’s Person of the Year isn’t always a positive award, as it recognizes the person who has had the most influence in the world in the past 12 months, good or bad. In 1938, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was named Time’s Man of the Year. It was nice to see that Times awarded the title to a person who added positive influence to the world by giving the title to Thunberg.

When I first heard of Thunberg, I was impressed that she was doing major things like inspiring school walkouts that fought for climate change and including enagaging in arguments with the president of the United States. These are things most people woudn’t have the confidence to do so.

It was powerful to hear that when Thunberg was advocating awareness for climate change, she would skip school and spend her days camped outside the Swedish Parliament with a sign that read “school strike for climate,” according to The Washington Post.

Greta Thunberg made history as the youngest person to be given the title and has done many things from walkouts to giving a powerful speech at the UN Climate Action Summit located in New York. To be able to inspire people and create a powerful movement that combats the planet’s biggest issue at such a young age is amazing and deserving of being Time’s Person of The Year.