Scheduling change necessary

Current schedule inconvenience to students, parents


Tobias Khabie

According to Superintendent Astein Osei, the district has initiated conversation to change the schedule for the high school. While changes are not guaranteed to happen, the fact that these discussions are taking place is a great sign.

Osei said the district looked at a variety of elements, such as release times and class length. These factors could be changed for the better. While the start times for the 2020-21 school year have been changed favorably for middle schoolers and high schoolers, who will have a later start time, more change is needed.

One of the most significant changes needed, particularly in the high school, is the class length. Right now, the seven period day is too stressful for students, as some receive homework from every class daily. 

If any adjustments were to be made as a result of these meetings, it should be abolishing the seven period day. Park should look at other schedules such as block schedules as alternatives. Block schedules are already implemented during finals, and the students already understand how the schedule works. 

Block scheduling also allows for teachers to go more in-depth in topics due to more time in each class. Another benefit would be a reduced workload for those students who receive a large amount of homework frequently. While there are other options, block scheduling seems to be the most realistic option.

If the district were to implement these changes, it would be likely that students would switch schedules daily, having one schedule for one day and having a second schedule for the second day.

Of course, the class length isn’t the only factor the district should look at. While start times were already changed, the new schedule will not be set in stone, as Osei said the district will be taking feedback from students and teachers about the new changes.

The district is headed in the right path with these discussions about scheduling. It is time for a change, and students need to have more favorable schedules, as well as parents and teachers.