Choir makes unfortunate schedule decision

More consideration for scheduling needed in future


Carissa Prestholdt

Junior Leo Dworsky and other members of the ‘Hairspray’ cast perform their final dress rehearsal Feb. 19. Choir performed the musical “Hairspray” Feb. 20–Feb. 23.

Colin Canaday

Scheduled for 8-11 p.m. Feb. 22, the Sno Daze dance directly conflicted with the high school choir rendition of “Hairspray” on the same day at 2 p.m. The competition between these two events demonstrates concerns with current scheduling procedures and has the potential to turn away prospective actors in the future.

Putting on a show is a lot of hard work, planning and dedication. It takes a lot to put on a performance night after night with the expectation of getting increasingly better. What is already a major commitment on practically all fronts has now become something even more, potentially forcing those in the show to miss a social event with the cleanup work needed after the show is finished.

This added cost has the ability to turn away many prospective people interested in the theater aspect of choir

In the future, this added cost has the ability to turn away many prospective people interested in the theater aspect of choir. When calculating the cost of auditioning for a show, there are the expected takeaways such as time, but with the added cost of potentially missing school events, that may just tip the scales out of favor for the choir program.

Furthermore, this planning mistake forces some people to choose whether they want to support the hard work of the choir or attend a dance with their friends. Being only hours apart, the close proximity has the ability to deter those who were planning on attending the show in favor of having more time to prepare for the dance.

As usual, the Sno Daze dance is scheduled well ahead of time in order to better prepare for it, the burden of this issue lies on the choir program for the unfortunate scheduling error.

In the future, I think it is important for any event to take into consideration the repercussions of their planning, which may cause burdens for people, which then calls for an unnecessary choice between two things that do not need to be competitive.