Mental health improves during quarantine

Hobbies help with self-care


Isra Mohamed

In the past few weeks of quarantine, I’ve felt a huge change in my mental health and relationships. Normally, my mental health isn’t always the best because of factors including school, family and friends. While in quarantine, however, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall mental health.

One of the biggest factors that has improved my mental health is not having to go to school and doing it online instead. Online school has been going really well for me because it’s nice that I’m working at my own pace and I don’t have to worry about catching up on school work. It’s also helpful that teachers don’t give us assignments to do every day, so I can take a break from school and do my hobbies.

Before quarantine, there wasn’t much time I could spend with my family since everyone was busy with school, sports and work, but that has changed. Now, we spend a lot more much-needed family time together and it has been really nice to experience that. My relationships with my parents and siblings have improved because we now have more time to talk about things that we wouldn’t have had the time to otherwise.

Quarantine is a great way for me to work on myself both mentally and physically. I’ve found the motivation to exercise as much as I can and do self-care nights which have been really rewarding after a long workout. I also get to do things that I don’t get to do as often while in school like painting, reading and playing board games with my family. My hobbies have been given more to time to be done which is important for my mental health.

Although we are living in unfortunate times, I’ve learned to find the positive side of this situation and I will try and continue to do so.