TikTok benefits from Oracle deal

Data privacy secured with new deal 


Aisha Hersi

With 100 million American users, TikTok proves to be quite influential. With recent data privacy misconceptions, they have united with Oracle as their secure cloud technology provider. This allows it to stay in the U.S., which has made many users including myself, delighted.

According to Oracle, the reason for TikTok to even consider the deal was to ensure data privacy to the app’s American users. The data has been questioned by the media for a while now. However, TikTok quickly dismissed those allegations by releasing a statement. As a user of the app myself, I felt assured knowing that they store all the U.S. user data in the United States.  

“I have given the deal my blessing,” Trump said. “If they get it done, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s okay too.”   

Many wondered why Trump approved the deal. According to the President, the deal will include a $5 billion fund for U.S. education. Which company will be making the payment is still pending. For our data privacy to be secured and a $5 billion fund for education to be added, it is more than I expected. Furthermore, I am glad that much money is going toward education. As a result of online learning becoming the new normal right now, we need to ensure that the students get all the help they can get.  

To block the potential ban, TikTok sued the Trump administration, alleging that the ban violates the First Amendment’s first speech rights and that Trump exceeded his authority. For them to consider a ban with Oracle now taking a 12.5% stake charge in the data privacy for U.S. users is unnecessary. They should rather focus on the approval from Beijing, and TikTok’s Chinese parent ByteDance. The drastic changes that will happen when Bytedance makes their approval or not, is a more concerning matter. 

This deal has proved to assure U.S. users of their private data security, and the stay of TikTok on the app store. In addition, the 100 million U.S. users can continue using the widespread app, while also exercising their First Amendment rights on the app. Users on the app are communicating with their free speech rights. Without it, there would be no consideration for those who are using TikTok.