Israel building Muslim allies is beneficial for United States

New opportunities open in Middle East and Africa


Tobias Khabie, News Editor

The Sudanese government, with help from the United States, normalized relations with Israel Oct. 23, becoming the third Muslim country (Bahrain, UAE) to make peace with the lone Jewish country this year. These peace negotiations will not only strengthen Israel’s relationships with its neighbors but will also benefit the United States.

Israel serves as one of the United States’ most important political allies. As the strongest democracy in the Middle East, Israel is a key strategic ally for the United States’ foreign policy. Having an ally in the most tumultuous region in the world is incredibly useful. By normalizing relations with surrounding countries, Israel is now able to trade and work with other countries on various issues.

The peace deals between Israel and Middle Eastern and African countries will stabilize the  Middle East immensely and will greatly benefit the economies of those countries. However, the region is still filled with radical and unstable governments, including Lebanon and Syria, which cover the north border of Israel. This means any ally in the region is crucial.

The well-being of Israel is extremely important to the United States, as it should be. Due to the location of Israel, it must have a strong intelligence service because of the hostility from their neighbors. Their intelligence services have been of great assistance to the United States against the former Soviet Union, and more recently in Iran and Iraq.

Another benefit the United States receives from their alliance with Israel is the economic support Israel gives, such as tools for sustainable development in agriculture or innovations in the medicine industry. According to, due to Israel’s tough climate, they have developed new ways to desalinate water and new ways to obtain solar energy. These innovations have been utilized in places like California and have been of great assistance to Americans. The strengthening of Israel’s economy due to the peace deals will have a great effect on Americans as well, especially in terms of agriculture and energy.

Because Israel and the U.S. are such strong allies, any benefit to one country serves as a benefit to the other. These new peace deals boosted the well-being of Israel, and Americans will reap the benefits of the deals.