Flu shots are essential this year

It could help prevent you from getting sick

Nora Hall

According to the Center for Disease Control, since 2010, between 12,000 and 61,000people die each year due to Influenza. People underestimate the effectiveness of the flu shot. It’s not a required vaccination for school, but the virus takes countless lives every year.  It Is a vaccine you get once a year that helps prevent you from getting the influenza virus. 

Everyone should get a flu shot because the disease is constantly changing. It’s good to keep up with it and get a shot once a year. Most people think it’s probably something that you stay home for a few days, and then go back to work or school as normal. Getting the flu shot has always been very important for me so that I wouldn’t get sick.

According to the CDC, getting a flu shot annually reduces the risk of contraction by up to 40 to 60 percent The vaccine is an advantage for you because it reduces your need for sick days. It may not fully stop you from getting the flu, but it will most likely reduce the flu’s strength. Getting sick and missing school seems fun when you first stay home, but it’s awful because of all the work you have to make up.

According to CBS News, hospitals are filling up to full capacity and are running out of space. Getting a flu shot is necessary to reduce the risk of getting and transmitting the flu virus to those around you. This will help keep you and others away from the need of going to the health care system and out of the hospital. 

During the current pandemic, it is essential to try and take every precaution. Hospitals need space for people with COVID-19 because there isn’t a vaccine for the virus yet.

Overall, it is very important to get a flu shot. Especially in these times, it is key for you to keep yourself as healthy as possible. By just getting the flu shot and staying healthy, you can help reduce the risk of infection for yourself and others.