Stay at home this holiday season

Traveling poses great risk health


Art by Emmy Pearson. With the holidays and winter break around the corner, many feel the urge to travel to be with their families. However, with that comes dangers to public health due to the pandemic. For this reason, it is encouraged that everyone stay at home.

Laniyah Thornton

The holidays are coming and people want to spend them with their family. But with the global pandemic, it’s best to stay safe and remain at home.

COVID-19 cases have been rising rapidly and individuals who go outside and interact with others while not following COVID-19 guidelines are the reason for this. Although holidays are meant to be spent with family, everyone should keep in mind the families who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19. 

Tradition is that families spend the holidays together, that’s just how it’s always been. But, with a deadly virus making its way everywhere, the best thing to do is spend the holidays with the people that live in your home. A great alternative to traveling is using FaceTime or Zoom to connect with loved ones.

Traveling during a pandemic is the last thing that should be on anyone’s mind. There is a big risk of catching the virus and spreading it to family members. 

When people choose to ignore the facts, there are drastic consequences. We will start to see a greater increase in cases, we will have to be in some form of lockdown longer and we will start to see a heartbreaking growth in deaths.

To take the risk of traveling shows your lack of self-worth and sympathy for others who have been horribly affected by COVID-19.

Putting anyone or anything above your health shows the amount of care you have for yourself. Your body is your home, you must take care of it. By traveling, you are showing other people how selfish you are to not only yourself but to others. 

Numerous people have been affected by COVID-19, from facing the stress of catching it to the heartbreak of losing someone to it. To travel means you have little to no care for those people who are hurting and about the people you’re putting in danger.

Traveling is always a choice. In this case, your decision affects thousands and maybe even millions of lives. The best decision for these upcoming holidays is to stay at home and gather virtually.