Pass/No Credit system relieves unnecessary stress

GPA won’t be harmed by opting-in


Tenzin Gyaldatsang

Similar to the switch to a pass/fail system for the second semester of last school year, the administration has brought the system back as a temporary grading system practice amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This system is a great way to ensure students are able to make the most out of first semester.

During the beginning of the lockdown, students and their guardians were concerned about its implications over students’ academic performance. This feeling is still common for many students, and by bringing the system back, it relieves part of the burden that students already have on their minds.

If a student didn’t achieve as much as they wanted in the first semester, they wouldn’t have to worry about their GPA if they decide to opt-in. Having the choice to do so also benefits students who are satisfied with their performance this semester as they can stick to traditional letter grades.

Even though certain post-secondary institutions won’t want a large number of P’s (Passes) on applicants’ transcript and the pass/no credit system isn’t fully harmless, it’s important to understand that the grades this year were attained during a global pandemic and having a small amount of P’s wouldn’t make much of a difference. Talking to a school counselor or admissions representative from the institution could also help students decide to opt-in or out.

Even if students opted for pass/no credit letter grading, it’s a student’s responsibility to participate in class and finish assignments. Their grade will reflect on that, and there are many opportunities to receive help on classwork, ones specifically created for distance learning. The Oriole Study Nest is a great place to work on assignments and the Student Support Time website allows students to set up meetings with their teachers.

Overall, giving students the option to elect for a pass/no credit grade reduces the stress associated with school. Having the opportunity to decide whether to include this semester’s grades into your GPA will help students who aren’t where they want to be academically.