TikTok trends dominate student life

Students blindly follow social media trends

Nora Hall

TikTok has been a huge social media platform since it went from Musical.ly to TikTok Aug. 2018. Prior to the change, many teens came with it and so did the trends. TikTok is a platform where teens can show off their creativity, and turn that into trends for lots of other people to try. These trends can impact students’ lives in a positive way but also in a negative way.   

One TikTok trend that became popular this year was the “devious licks” trend. Students are supposed to deface or steal property from schools and post a video about it on the app. This trend has gotten lots of media coverage because of the lengths these users have taken it to.  This trend has had a negative impact on students. By participating in the trend, the user promotes vandalism to their peers, and because of that, some schools have started to press legal charges. This trend also ignites peer pressure onto other classmates.   

Another TikTok trend is “Booktok”. On “Booktok”, people talk about their favorite books based on many different genres and give out recommendations to their followers. Unlike devious licks this has a positive impact on students. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good book out of what you normally read, but if there are people telling you what the book is about, it makes it easier to decide if you like the book. It motivates you to read when there are people who enjoy the same genre as you. 

Another popular trend is “#hashtagstudytips”. Usually, students upload videos underneath these hashtags of tricks they have to make school easier for people watching. This is a really good technique for students because sometimes you fall behind in a class and aren’t sure how to catch up. When other students are giving tips, you can learn from their mistakes and apply it to your learning technique. 

Although not all trends are good for students, some can be really good for them and can be applied to school and their studying techniques. Despite that, if you consider participating in a trend, please be careful and make sure it doesn’t negatively affect you or others.