NFL email scandal exposes flaws in company

League administration in need of drastic change


Tobias Khabie

The National Football League (NFL) has long been a pillar in American society. The league has an effective monopoly on Sunday television, and football is by far the most watched sport in the country. That being said, the recent discoveries of NFL head coaches and executives using vulgar and offensive language is simply not acceptable in a company that plays such an influential role in our country.

Despite attempts to serve as a better reflection in society, the recent findings made in an ongoing workplace environment investigation showed that now- ex-Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden frequently used slurs in many of his emails. The usage of these words is a reflection of the environment of the NFL workplace, as this language is seemingly tolerated.

According to members of Congress, Gruden’s actions are commonplace within NFL circles. It is deeply disturbing that Gruden is not an outlier, and these discoveries should demand major changes.

First and foremost, any and all executives and coaches found to be using any sort of language that is detrimental to the workplace should be fired. Along with those dismissals should be current commissioner Roger Goodell. Not only has his performance as a commissioner been abysmal in general, but there has also been a widespread usage of harmful language under his leadership.

Secondly, all NFL offices, whether it be a team-specific office or an NFL administrative office, have to be thoroughly examined to ensure any and all staff using this language is dismissed. 

Furthermore, it is clearly evident that many NFL executives are not educated on usage of offensive language.  Because of this, the NFL should look into education seminars, or any sort of process that could demonstrate the harm of using offensive language in an educational manner.

The NFL is one of the most powerful companies in the country. With such a strong influence on Americans, there should be absolutely zero tolerance for any NFL staff member to use offensive language in any manner.