2022 graduation guests limitless

No guest limit for graduation brings relief


Najma Hussein, Business Editor

As the end of the school year is right around the corner, administration has let everyone know that there will be no limit on the amount of guests that can attend graduation. This was an issue last year due to COVID, and seniors could only invite eight guests. This was a concern for me at the beginning of my senior year, because I was worried about the amount of guests I could bring to the ceremony, and I am sure there were many seniors who also felt this way. I am now relieved and seniors can bring as much family and friends as they wish. 

The graduation ceremony becoming limitless for guests is just what seniors needed to think about to ease their minds from AP and IB testing and finals. More family and friends could come to support their loved ones. I also think that the more people, the longer it’ll take to start the ceremony since there will be lots of people coming late and possibly disrupting. There might not be a lot of seats either which is a concerning issue. These are possible conflicts that should be considered by the admin and how they would fix that issue. 

I like that there will be no guest limit because it’s not putting any large families in tough positions. I have a pretty large family and the thought of not all of them being there is nerve-wracking. This was a concern for me before it was announced the guests are limitless. We must have more guests so that the celebration of graduation is bigger and grand. 

For the past three years, Park has not had the most normal and traditional graduation ceremonies. This year will be the most normal since the mask mandate has been lifted and there are no limits on guests. Park is going back to normal and hopefully in the upcoming years it stays that way. I empathize with the students of the past years who did not get the graduation they deserve. 

Although there are some cons to making the guests at graduation limitless, it is a day of celebration with family and friends. Making the guest amount limitless makes the ceremony an even more special day full of love, family and unity.

The graduation will be 7 p.m. June 7 on the football field.