Homecoming 22’ brings smiles

Homecoming week brings students together


Crystal Diaz

The honeymoon phase during the first month of school reunites students after a long summer. One of my favorite parts of the honeymoon phase is homecoming week. 

The dresscodes leading up to homecoming get students excited. I enjoyed the dresscodes this year. My personal favorite was the pink-out on Wednesday, because almost everybody was wearing pink and I felt connected. Usually the dresscodes are very repetitive, so pink-out felt refreshing because it was new this year

On Wednesday, Park had a pep fest. I appreciate the student council’s efforts to have it in the gym. It brings students closer together and it is easier to hear. They did a good job organizing student events to really get school spirit going. The sibling race was very fun to watch. 

Later in the week on Friday, I attended   the game, although I didn’t have the chance to go to the tailgate. I got there about 45 minutes early to get good seats, but there were already people there. Everybody was so excited and the sunset really helped set the mood during the game. I loved all the cheering and support we gave to our football team. Although we lost, the students were brought together by the game before homecoming. 

Homecoming was a very special night. I enjoyed spending time with the person I love and seeing all my friends dressed up. The night was full of smiles. I liked that it was inside the school instead of on the field, like last year, because it was a very cold night. One thing I would change is the decorations. It should have been less bland and included more decorations. I did enjoy some of the music, especially the Bad Bunny songs, and I do appreciate our janitors for cleaning up after the night. Getting in and out of the dance was very easy, but the school should’ve announced what doors to enter and exit from. 

Overall, I did enjoy homecoming night and I do think it was an improvement from last year’s. COVID-19 has affected my school life a lot, and it is good to feel somewhat back together. I look forward to seeing next year’s homecoming. Maybe we will try some new things, like Adam Sandler day for spirit week.