Homecoming hosted inside without regard for ears and temperature

The homecoming dance was very loud, hot and packed, yet it was put inside


Serena Bovee

The homecoming dance was held Oct. 8. This year, the dance was inside this year to keep students safe from the cold. Last year, the dance was outside on the football field. While there are strengths to having the dance inside,  there are many more benefits to hosting the dance outside.

The benefits that come from having the dance outside is a more chill experience. The dance this year was crowded, uncomfortable and very loud. This is all fine until you want to take a second to chill but can’t find space in the gym. 

On the other hand, the space outside on the field is way bigger, allowing more space for people. Students also have more of a chance to leave the large sound and have more control based on where you choose to be. When you are inside for homecoming, the music is oppressively loud. It bounces off the walls and reverberates against your ears. When you are outside, the music is much louder in some areas and quieter in others. It actually gives you a chance to be calm, instead of always having to be hyped and energetic.

Another good thing that comes from holding the dance outside is disease protection. Even though COVID-19 is on a smaller scale compared to what it once was, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to stop the spreading of other diseases, such as the flu and the common cold. COVID-19 still exists right now, though at a lesser level. We can still do the dance inside, but it is always good to try to stop the spread of various diseases. Just being outside can decrease the spread of these illnesses.

Alongside this, you also have the fresh air that is gained just by being outside. Being inside can be very stuffy and being outside can help with that. It is easier for people dancing to cool down outside, and there’s a nice breeze when dancing. Without this, the dance inside was stuffy, overly hot and stressful.

There may be positives to hosting the dance outside but there are also negatives. One of the big negatives that comes from having the dance outside is the weather. No one is going to want to be outside when it is freezing and entering winter weather. 

However, it wasn’t cold at all this year. If the primary reason why the dance was inside was for the weather, then there was no reason why the dance should not be outside. The temperature at the time was roughly 50 degrees, which is still appropriate outside weather.

Homecoming dances should be hosted outside. There may be some years where it might be too cold to host it outside. In cases like that, it’s reasonable to host the dance inside. Considering the stuffy inside environment, loudness and diseases that spread more quickly inside, Park should’ve hosted the dance outside this year.