Early application proves advantageous

Students find comfort in knowing decisions early on

Cece Jensen

With college coming around the corner for graduating seniors, applications are looming. We are often thinking if our grades are good enough and if we are involved in enough extracurriculars. Not knowing whether you can get into your college of choice can cause quite a bit of stress and anxiety. Early application is an easy solution to that dilemma.

For those who don’t know, early application is just what it sounds like. Each college or university has a specific deadline (usually Nov. 1) that the applications are due by. Turning in your application by these early deadlines both increases chances of getting into a school and decreases stress. Along with the likelihood of increased chance of acceptance, early applications also help students stay on task regarding colleges. When we have specific deadlines approaching, students tend to get their work done in a more efficient manner rather than procrastinating. 

Another reason that early application is worth the effort is that  it lets us know if we need to apply to more schools or not. When a student submits their application before Nov. 1, the college or university usually lets the student know within two weeks whether or not they are accepted. In one scenario, if a student receives a rejection letter from a university, they still have the rest of the school year to choose more colleges and apply to those. This can be a lifesaver if someone was rejected from every school that they applied to. They still get more time to figure out their after-highschool plans. 

Having a college acceptance under your belt can also be very reassuring. College applications are a stressful topic, so knowing that you will have somewhere you can go after highschool is an encouraging thought. It can really take a lot of stress off of your plate and make you feel at ease with your personal success. 

Speaking from personal experience, I sent in all of my applications by the early deadlines and I expect to hear back within the next couple of weeks. I feel so relieved that I don’t have to worry about applications for the rest of the school year and I’m very glad that I sent in my applications by the early deadlines. However I do feel the anticipation building up regarding my results but that feeling is unavoidable, no matter when I submit my applications. 

As a senior who is actively applying to college, I would recommend early application. It is a free and easy approach to getting your applications out of the way.