Smelly bathroom, dirty stalls

Park’s bathrooms begin to deteriorate


Liz Williams

Candy wrappers and tissues are scattered on the floor in a bathroom stall Nov. 29. Park has had a concerning rise in littering.

Nafisa Kahin and Liz Williams

The bathrooms at Park are very neglected. Usually when I walk into the bathroom, I always see toilet paper on the floor and water everywhere. I understand that Park has a limited number of janitorial staff, so I don’t like complaining, but it’s a pretty bad look. Not only is there trash on the floor, there’s a toilet in the B2 hallway that’s usually spraying water. Not to mention the fact that most of the bathrooms don’t have mirrors in them. It would be nice if all bathrooms had a mirror in them so people can check how they look. 

Recently, a lot of the sinks have a little water coming out of them. Maintenance staff will periodically fix it, but then it happens again a few days later. Another thing that happens,is in the B2 bathroom there’s a toilet in the big stall that once it’s flushed it continues to make noises after a couple of minutes and it can be heard outside of the bathrooms and into the hallways.

Sometimes there’s also this foul smell, like that of a garbage dump. Setting up air fresheners in the bathroom would help the smell a lot. If Park cleaned the bathroom every one to two days, the smell would be easier to tolerate. However, I know Park may not have enough staff or money for that.

The restrooms at Park are unregulated. Students get away with vaping, despite knowing it isn’t healthy for them and that it’ll ruin their respiratory system and some students have an issue with the smell of vapes and also the feeling of being uncomfortable walking in while some students are hitting the vape.

Other students sneak into the bathrooms to do inappropriate things. I have heard situations like female students sneak into the men’s bathroom with their significant other to do inappropriate things, the same with male students sneaking into the women’s bathroom to do inappropriate things. Students also sneak out of their classes to skip and hide in the bathrooms so they don’t get in trouble with the hall monitors. Students need to be more responsible and mature about using the restrooms for the right reasons. 

Another issue is that the pad and tampon dispenser doesn’t work in the women’s restrooms. This is bad because students who get their period in school and do not have anything on hand are reliant on these dispensers so they can continue with their education instead of going home or skipping to continuously go to the restroom.

The restrooms in Park need to be updated, largely because the kids go in the bathroom and destroy school property. Even with the new rules, students are still skipping and destroying the bathrooms. Some people are hoarding the bathroom stalls with groups of friends as they skip classes and hide there. Overall, Park needs to crack down on students who misuse the bathrooms and also start improving bathroom conditions.