New ad campaign sparks needed change

Lane Bryant’s attempt to challenge beauty standards heads in the right direction

Adah Koivula

The expectations of beauty a male-driven society sets for females bodies is inadmissible. Not only is it unacceptable for men to decide what makes women beautiful, but the effects of this objectification and discriminatory standards are intolerable.

Thankfully, that is changing because of the actions of many major clothing companies including plus size clothing brand Lane Bryant and it’s lingerie department Cacique.

Plus size model Ashley Graham challenged these standards by releasing an advertisement for Cacique in which she proudly announced she had curves and is “no angel,” poking fun at the Victoria’s Secret Angels, iconic for their airbrushed beauty.

The #ImNoAngel hashtag received tremendous support from women.

It is incredible to see women fighting against the beauty ideals which were set by men and taking a stand saying each individual is beautiful in their own way regardless of size, shape or color.

A movement like this is long overdue, especially as rates of eating disorders in teenage girls are rising. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, over one-half of teenage girls use unhealthy weight control methods including skipping meals, smoking or purging.

Women need a campaign which could access many people and spread a message to start a movement, risking it all by going against unrealistic beauty standards. Lane Bryant and Cacique have done this with the #ImNoAngel campaign. It allows for the creation of a mass media movement, to garner support and work toward a more inclusive society.

No one deserves to be excluded when it comes to discussing beauty because everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

The Cacique models promote self confidence and are becoming new icons of beauty because of their confidence and strength. People will begin to judge others by the content of their character, rather than their looks.

Society is slowly realizing beauty is about what’s inside. People are changing their perspective through eye opening messages such as the #ImNoAngel campaign.