Opinions: Protests lack clear leadership, direction

Objectors to presidency are childish, ignorant

The “Not My President” protests are immature and uninformed.

At noon Jan. 20, 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, and no protests or hashtags are going to change that.

According to the First Amendment, all Americans have the right to protest the President of the United States and his actions. However, the effectiveness of these protests comes into question.

The Jan. 20 riots across the country were childish and ineffective.

It is impossible to defend setting limousines on fire, trashing Washington D.C. or attacking Trump supporters for using their First Amendment rights.

These were not merely protests, they were riots.

The Women’s March following the Inauguration was also embarrassing. It is shameful to see female accomplishments being paraded around just to take down a male.

Trump is not perfect, but nobody said he was during the election season.

While Trump acts crude and speaks honestly, he acts and speaks like many people in America do. We should hold our leaders to higher standards, but he is more representative of Americans. Many crucify Trump for his sexist and rude remarks, myself included.

Yet, sexist and rude comments are in today’s comedy, TV, movies, music and advertisements as well. If the President is supposed to be a representative of the people, he is an accurate representation.

The Women’s Marches across America were ineffective because they lacked an obvious goal from the march.

With no real leader, no clear message and a lack of a follow-through plan, millions of people wasted a day yelling at the President for taking away rights they still have and can’t be taken away.

Trump cannot take away your rights as a woman. A president only has so much power, and the other branches have abilities to check and balance actions of the executive branch.

Protesters championed themselves for being supporters of “all women.” Yet, conservative women were uninvited from the march, even though according to voter turnout, they represent 42 percent of female voters.

The day would have been better spent working to eradicate Sharia law and fighting for women’s rights in the Middle East where women cannot drive or even speak their mind.

Around the world, women are going through much worse and don’t have the right to complain. It shows poor judgment to spend a day pouting about having to pay for your own health care.  

It is crucial to support and uphold the Constitution, but those denying the presidency and protesting for rights they already have is childish and only pushes people who think differently farther away.

As a proud American, these protests are shameful. They accomplish little and ended up producing nothing other than some catchy phrases, crude posters and a president who spent his first week in office doing what he promised to do in his campaign.