Scams interrupt daily life

Classroom distractions elicit concern


Evelyn Nelson

The beginning of this year has made me realize how apparent spam messages from phone calls, text messages and everyday interactions I was truly receiving. The problem only increasing when receiving up to four phone calls from random numbers in one class, distracting my learning during school. I was now having to concentrate both on my learning struggles and the possibility of having my information stolen from someone in another city or state.

One scamming instance I witnessed first hand led to a stranger in Miami, Florida attempting to steal my credit card information from purchasing coffee at a independent business. An innocent of my daily routine now turned into an extremely stressful experience, allowing me to realize the true harms of scammers reaching out to anyone. Even people like me who think this kind of thing will never happen to them. This reality check was eye opening, now understanding the classic over-the-phone scam may not be not the only source of information theft.

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Through these moments I have definitely taken away a valuable lesson concerning the abilities of scam artists. Information given over text, phone call, even in person at your local coffee shop, can be accessed at any point by those who find loopholes in everyday human interactions. Scams have not been discussed enough, despite adolescents and young adults facing the most backlash. My story could help individuals in my community and anyone who may face the same struggles. These instances which occur multiple times a day for some are a topic we should address head on throughout Park. Spreading out the resources for others on how to respond and report in order to feel protected. The last thing anyone wants is for their most valuable information to be at the hands of someone they may not even know.

While the scams I have encountered are something I would have been better off without, I am thankful for them making me aware of the truths behind the screen. Plus even more vigilant with who I communicate with or where I choose give out information. Everyday living should feel safe for individuals who use their phones or the media regularly. On top of this, the classroom setting should be the last place were students are inhibited from their learning experience due to someone across the country.