Oxford Michigan shooting serves reminder

Park needs to improve current lockdown procedures


Grace Stillman

In the days and weeks following the Oxford Michigan shooting, I began to reexamine how safe I actually feel at school. Then I realized that I don’t remember the last time I was in a class where we did anything other than lock the door for a drill. I’m sure many people feel that is enough but I think students should know what to do in a in a real lockdown situation

This is not to say that when we do lockdown drills we should abide by every aspect of the procedure, such as moving the furniture, but teachers should be explaining what we would do in an actual lockdown. 

I only remember one time in my three and a half years at Park when a teacher did more than simply make sure the door was locked. They showed us where we’d go in a real lock down, what furniture to move in front of the door, what to do if they were unconscious or out of the room. What this teacher did is what all teachers should be doing.  

In such stressful situations, it’s hard to pay attention to anything. It may be hard for teachers to instruct 20 plus teenagers in procedures they’ve never encountered before. Familiarizing students with such procedures or at least something somewhat resembling those procedures would allow students to be prepared in the event of a real threat. 

Some teachers say they continue teaching during the drills to dissuade students and their own anxieties. I understand if the teacher feels the need to continue teaching during these drills, as long as they also show me what I need to do in a real life situation first. 

Although discussing and verbally demonstrating these procedures may induce anxiety in some students, in the long run, it is beneficial. It helps no one  ignore the sad, scary truths of the reality high school students face today. It’s just like playing a sport or instrument, the more you practice the piano, the less scared you are at the recital. If students know what to do in these situations they would likely panic less and feel less anxiety surrounding the topic in general.