Trivia nights brighten Mondays

Parkway builds community through weekly event


Alicia Mainjeni

Parkway holds trivia at 7pm on Monday, April 4th. Members of the community gather to enjoy pizza and trivia.

Alicia Mainjeni

Parkway Pizza finds ways to build community and carries out great service through Monday trivia nights. 

Parkway Pizza holds trivia every Monday 7 p.m. trivia at Parkway Pizza is not your typical trivia experience. A Monday night at Parkway Pizza consists of earning points by answering questions correctly from categories like “Does it float?” and “The kitchen question!” On the first Monday, Parkway Pizza incorporates a dress-up theme, ranging from famous divas to pirates to pajamas. If you and your teammates dress up as the theme, you get a maximum of five extra points.

For me, trivia at Parkway Pizza has been a way to revitalize slow Mondays. Starting off a new week is sometimes a struggle after the weekend. Going to trivia feels like an extended weekend because my evenings are spent with people who I enjoy being around. Reserving Monday nights for this event is also a chance to spend time with people who I wouldn’t be able to see during the week otherwise. High school is a busy time for myself and my peers, and counting on Mondays to be with one another is special.

Luckily, Mondays at Parkway Pizza have also shown me how smart some of my peers are. When I’m with my friends, the topic of conversation does not typically revolve around fun facts from a certain category. Rather we talk about the next time we are free to hangout or the things we have in common. The questions asked at trivia surprise me at times, but when my friends also know the answers to those questions, I learn something new about them and their interests. Every Monday, I go home with more knowledge than I left home with.

While the point of being a server is to provide service, the staff at Parkway Pizza always approaches their customers with a smile. From asking questions about the menu to talking about general things like the weekend, they’re always very willing, kind and expressive. This is not how I would describe the service I receive at some other restaurants I have been to, but Parkway is exceptional. They provide a space where opinions can be shared and needs can be expressed.

As it has been a struggle to feel comfortable being in a public space due to COVID-19, Parkway Pizza has provided a space where I feel a safer community than I have in the past two years. Trivia nights have built a sense of community for me. Monday nights at Parkway Pizza have given members of the community the opportunity to retain meaningful connections through a one-hour game at a restaurant.

The last Monday trivia night I attended at Parkway Pizza was very memorable. My team of players and another team across the restaurant had tied points. There was then a dance off between one member from each team. It’s not everyday that you walk into a pizza place to find members of the community dancing to a Britney Spears song.