Fantasy sports perfect for sports fans

New action Thursday brings out fun in school


Aidan Shafton

As a major sports fan, being able to interact with other sports fans and make sports picks every Thursday has been one of the best parts of the school year. It gets hard to find the people who want to talk about sports or are even interested in them sometimes, but fantasy sports is full of them. This is perfect for a big sports fan like me. With the constant sports talk and the competitiveness of who is going to get the most picks right, fantasy sports is excellent for students who love sports. 

Here’s how the competitive side of the Action Thursday works: once a week, everyone participating is given a set of around five or six sports games that week and picks who they think will win in each game. The person who picks the most games correctly wins and receives a prize the next week. Each week, new games from a different sport are chosen to be picked by the students. Although these rules are simple, they do their job in making everyone in the Action Thursday competitive. 

The ability to talk about sports with other big sports fans is just as important as the competition itself. Talking about sports can spark new friendships that last a long time. Not only can you talk about sports for long periods of time, you can also have friendly (or not so friendly) arguments about different things in sports. Talking about sports has infinite possibilities and fantasy sports is the golden opportunity to do just that. 

Fantasy sports has strengthened friendships and brought out the competitive side in me. Checking how my picks are doing throughout the week makes the Action Thursday much more fun because of the anticipation of possibly getting the most picks right and being the winner that week. Although getting the most picks right doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a fun way to bring out a little fun and competitiveness in school when things can be a little boring.