Uno & board games brings people together

New action Thursday helps the community branch out


Noah Leventhal

Students play Monopoly in Board Game & Uno Action Thursday on May 5th. The activity happens every Thursday in A308, with Alexander Polk.

Noah Leventhal

With Park’s addition of Action Thursday, lots of new and exciting activities have been provided for students to do during the usual Park Connections time slot. One of these activities is “Competitive Uno and board games”, provided by Alexander Polk in room A308. A great option for students looking to meet new people and have some fun.

Competitive Uno and board games is the perfect, short activity for students during the day. It’s just a nice, 30-minute block to hang out with your friends and play some card or board games. Uno, Monopoly, Clue, or any game you bring in from home can be played in the Action Thursday activity. 

Uno & board games give a great space for students to mingle and converse. Monopoly can be dull at times, so a lot of the time we all just talk and hang out. It’s a great time to meet other people and form new relationships, as well as strengthening bonds with current friends and classmates. I love this option for this exact reason, being able to connect with fellow peers and have new conversations. It’s such a lovely break from the chaotic school day. 

Here’s what a normal day looks like: everyone comes in, and we split into groups depending on which game we want to play, Uno, Monopoly, etc. Although there’s “competitive” in the name, there’s not really much competition or tournament-style anything. We just casually play. Everybody plays their fun little games for 30 minutes, chatting and having fun. Then we just pack up and go on our way. 

My personal experience in the activity has been great. Playing board games is surprisingly calming, and especially with friends it’s awesome. You might think Monopoly is a boring game, but playing with classmates makes it pretty exciting and can create lasting memories and funny moments. It’s always great when something unlucky happens to a friend and everyone can laugh about it.

The Competitive Uno and board games option is an excellent place for friends to gather and relieve some stress during the hectic school day. It’s a nice, welcoming space to play games and have a good time. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the week.