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Modern day feminists are hypocrites

Different ideas should be welcome in movement

Feminists brag about being an all-inclusive movement, but that is not the case today.

Supposedly, anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation or political leanings can be a feminist. Feminism simply means supporting gender equality.

The feminist movement has become strongly anti-conservative and hostile to those of us who consider ourselves politically conservative and feminist at the same time.

Nowadays, people all along the political spectrum seem to have this idea that to be a feminist today you must consider yourself pro-choice, reject all ideas of traditional gender roles and agree with the typical methods of achieving gender equality.

Why are a few people’s ideas of what equality looks like turning into the new definition of feminism? Merriam Webster defines feminism as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” That is all it says. The definition does not include anything about what topics a “feminist” must stand for.

I am proud to be a feminist in its true definition of supporting and fighting for equal rights and opportunities. Nevertheless, I don’t support most of the current feminist agenda.

I am not pro-choice, so the feminist movement refuses to accept me. I don’t fight for reproductive rights because I believe, like many scientists, that life begins at conception and that ending life is murder. Somehow, my beliefs disqualify me from being a feminist.

The feminist movement and the conservative movement continuously reject me for not aligning with either group perfectly. This refusal to broaden horizons by including those with different viewpoints but the same end goal is the reason feminists have a bad name.

For a movement that continually prides itself in including all people, feminism has not included me. It’s intolerance is ridiculously hypocritical. Changing this brings us one step closer to achieving gender equality through uniting around a common goal.

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