Staff Editorial: Volleyball attendance sets example for how all activities should be supported

Administration, students responsible for backing all extracurriculars


Ava Ashby

Math teacher Robert Otto leads the cheer at the State volleyball tournament against Moorhead Nov. 8. According to the School Board students and administration should give more attention and enthusiasm to other clubs and activities.

The girls’ volleyball team made history when it made it to the State tournament for the first time ever Nov. 7. The news was blasted throughout the school, with posters and a pep fest, as it should be. The atmosphere and experience the game was unforgettable.

However, this support is not present for all activities. The girls’ swim team, for example, also had its fair share of success as they made it to State in four different events. However, this was not well known as there has been almost no announcement of their achievements. This is a case of the administration and students only showing support for certain sports and clubs.

The Editorial Board believes both students and administration should make a better effort to show support for sports and clubs that don’t currently receive as much recognition for its achievements. While this may be a complicated task to accomplish, there should still be a meaningful attempt to do so. Administration can include these other activities by doing little things such as mentioning them in announcements or notifying people about their future events. 

We also believe students can do a better job of showing support for the sports and clubs that aren’t frequently acknowledged. This could be as minor as checking in with club leaders or sports players about their activity, posting on social media about their achievements or attending events.

The Board encourages students to be more inclusive of all clubs and events by showing support. This does not require students to bring the same energy they would have at a football game or volleyball game. Acts such as attending a school musical, posting about the success of the swim team or talking to eSports members about their teams could mean a lot to the members of those activities and can give activities the acknowledgement they deserve.

Overall, the Board believes both students and administration alike can and should do a better job of inclusiveness, a subtrait of Park PRIDE, when acknowledging the success of all clubs and sports, not just the popular ones. All students have their own passions which they pursue through activities, and they all equally are deserving of acknowledgment.